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12 Awesome Podcasts For Mums On The Go

This is Part Nine of a weekly series called Self Care Sundays #selfcaresundays. Each week I will be posting a different way you can incorporate self care into your life as a mother or parent. Self care is an ESSENTIAL part of motherhood, though for so many of us, it is something that falls by the wayside behind the needs of those around us. Time for a change, ladies! You deserve love. You deserve time for yourself. It will make you the mum that you know you can be. 


I used to think Podcasts were something boring, grown up and a bit too intellectual for me. As a mum, I have limited time and pretty limited brain space. I couldn’t quite figure out why I would want to over stretch my brain on top of trying to figure out this whole parenting thing. But one day I dove in. I can’t quite remember what tipped me over the edge but from my first Podcast, I was hooked. It was informative, entertaining and was like listening in to a real life adult conversation! From that first Podcast, I now have a long list that I like to delve into, but there are 12 favourites that I keep coming back to. So today I am sharing with you 12 Awesome Podcasts For Mums On The Go!

Why Listen To A Podcast?

Why should I listen to a podcast? Why not just turn on the radio?

Good question! And one that is easy to answer.

The radio sucks. Well, most of the time. And as a mum, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time driving in the car particularly to get children to sleep or to keep them sleeping (I was not blessed with happy nappers). So I started listening to radio, but you’d end up hearing the same songs over and over again or a whole bunch of ads, or have to put up with seriously annoying announcers and feel like your brain was getting even more stupid that the chronic level of sleep deprivation had already done!

So my next step was audio books from the library. I must say this was an awesome second choice. I borrowed Murukami’s 1Q84, a whopping 30-something CD’s worth of obscure fiction. Bliss! But this was also quite intense and not always very kiddy friendly. I had to keep a very close eye on them so that they wouldn’t wake up in the middle of something a bit R rated.

But Podcasts are a great in-between. They aren’t the epic novels you wish you had the time and energy to read or listen to. They aren’t commercial radio, the audio equivalent to the trashy gossip mags you read once a year at the hairdresser They are kind of like those awesome independently produced magazines you find at bookshops or fancy newsagent. They have minimal advertising, killer content, are relatable and make you feel like a real person with real interest and a brain. Win.

Plus you can find podcasts about virtually ANYTHING!

Interested in real crime stories, there are podcasts about that.

Curious about death, there are podcasts are that.

Love a bit of live improv comedy? There are podcasts just for you!



How do I listen to a podcast? I’m a busy mum!

Hello fellow busy mum! Do you drive? Do you do housework? Do you have children that sleep at all?

Did you answer yes to any of those questions? Then you have opportunity to listen to a podcast!

I listen to podcasts most often in the car when the kids are asleep or whilst doing housework after the kids are in bed. You’d be surprised how much you can listen to in those pockets of time.

Times you could listen to a podcast:

  • On your way to and from work
  • Driving with the kids in the car
  • Vacuuming
  • Doing the dishes
  • Cooking dinner
  • Hanging out laundry
  • Folding laundry
  • Whilst exercising
  • Whilst having a relaxing bubble bath with a glass of wine (I need to make this happen!)


12 Awesome Podcasts For Mums On The Go



12 Awesome Podcasts For Mums On The Go

These 12 Podcasts for mums on the go, are the ones in my list that get listened to time and time again. A couple of them I have been known to binge listen. When one episode finishes, I go back and try to listen to as many as possible in a row! I hope you find them interesting, entertaining and a welcome dose of adult conversation and thought into your day.

  1. The Longest Shortest Time – This one has to be my favouritest podcast of all! I first read about Hilary in a Lunch Lady magazine and decided to give it a shot. It was love at first listen! This is a beautiful parenting podcast which delves into real life stories relating to all aspects of parenting. Some memorable ones include the double episodes about Boobs (#108 and #109), the episode about growing up with an alcoholic father and then the mum became an alcoholic too (#112 and #113), or the one about teenagers looking after robot babies (#103). There’s lots of discussions around sexuality, race, politics, ethics, humanity and this great big shared experience of parenting. Absolutely LOVE IT! Hilary’s podcast is my company to and from work each week, thank you so much Hilary for being such amazing company in that kid free drive!
  2. The Mums With Hustle Podcast – If you’re a mum who is either running her own business or blog or is thinking of starting a business or blog, then this one is for you. Tracey Harris is the brains and voice behind Mums With Hustle (they also have an awesome Facebook group too) and on her podcast, she interviews other amazing biz mums who, as she says, “are killing it in their industry!”. This is a really diverse podcast which covers all sorts of topics from self care as a business mum, copyrighting, international business and SEO. I’ve learnt a huge amount listening to these episodes. Thank you Tracey!
  3. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert – Do you remember the book Eat Pray Love? Elizabeth Gilbert is the beautiful author of both that book plus her recent best seller Big Magic (and a whole bunch of others too). Her podcast is all about helping creatives over come fear and find the joy in the creative process again. She speaks to real life creative folks and helps them find a way to get their creative groove back and even attempt to do things that absolutely scare them! She has such a beautiful heart felt way with people, it’s a delight listening to these conversations. And so so inspiring too.
  4. Good Life Project – This podcast is as the name suggests, all about living a “good” life. Finding how to bring simplicity and joy into your everyday. The host, Jonathan Fields, does sound a little bit like McFly but the conversations are encouraging and enlightening.
  5. Happier With Gretchen Rubin – To be completely honest, I really wasn’t sure about this one the first time I listened. But it has grown on me. It’s once again, all about simple ways in everyday life to help you live a happy life. Each episode features Happiness Hacks, Gold Stars and Demerits. Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth are both very honest and relatable in their delivery and make for nice relatively light entertainment as well as helping shine some light on achievable ways to find more happiness in your days.
  6. Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled – Oh how I love Janet. She is the caring voice of reason and reassurance when I feel like I am the absolute worst mother on the face of the planet and am absolutely damaging my children. She offers wonderful guidance to help pull you out of a parenting funk or to help you see an alternative way of operating that you might find sits better with your gut and your heart. The big bonus is these episodes generally run for about 17 minutes. So even if you’re doing the dishes, you can squeeze most of an episode in. Topics covered include things like; should we referee toy conflicts? what do i do when my kid does too much jumping and climbing in the house, I’m overwhelmed by my toddler’s constant demands, what to do when parents separate. They are real life questions from real life parents. Valuable information.
  7. Ingredipedia – this is one for all the foodies out there. Each week they discuss a different food and all it’s history, social stories, nutrition as well as how to cook it. A good bit of fun and not one to listen to on an empty stomach, it will make you hungry!
  8. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know – This is a fun kind of live game show produced by the New York Times. As it sounds, the idea of the show is for people to tell the panel of judges something that they don’t know. If you like quirky facts and trivia, strange science and a bit of live banter then you will enjoy this one!
  9. ProBlogger Podcast – Darren Rowse is the awesome Aussie dad behind the ProBlogger site and Podcast. I looooooove these episodes. Firstly, I get to indulge in all things blog. Secondly, he is just so relatable and easy to listen to. He occassionally gets his kidlets on the show too and often talks about his wife and family, which I really like as he seems to have a pretty decent work life balance. Something we can all aspire for. The topics are educational and motivational. If you’re interested in blogging or have already got a blog, then absolutely get this into your ear buds.
  10. Sweet Teen Club – The title makes it sounds like I am absolutely the wrong demographic but I am absolutely the right demographic! This one is by Stacey Roberts (aka Veggie Mama) and Carly Jacobs (aka Smaggle) and is allllll about the 90s!!! There are episodes dedicated solely to Degrassi Junior High, The Craft and Friends. They haven’t produced a new episode for a while but there are still a bunch of episodes for you to get your nostalgia on.
  11. Chopped Podcast – Okay, so this is another blogging one……….. BUT Marley is a gorgeous host and this one is specifically about FOOD blogging. I am a HUGE fan on the FriChats with Cara from Forks and Beans. Marley has her own Vegan food blog called Namely Marley and is a wealth of knowledge. She manages to draw wisdom and technical info from so many amazing sources. Even if you don’t food blog but are a creative type, I think you’d enjoy these episodes.
  12. The Slow Home Podcast with Brooke McAlary – Ahhhhh a podcast all about slowing down, opting out, saying no. Lovely. I give podcasts about 5 minutes before I judge whether I can actually listen or not. They quoted Wayne’s World in my first 5 minutes and I was forever sold. But seriously, this is inspiring and lovely.



12 Awesome Podcasts For Mums On The Go

What podcasts do you listen to? I’m always looking for new ones to check out! Drop me an email or head over to my Facebook page.


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  1. Reeva

    March 21, 2017 at 10:36 pm

    What a great list! ProBlogger is one of my favourite podcasts. I’m always looking for new ones to listen to some I’m off to download some of these now – thank you 🙂

    1. Ruth

      March 22, 2017 at 8:57 pm

      Hi Reeva! ProBlogger is fab isn’t it! What other ones do you love listening to? Hope my list helped you find something you loved 🙂

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