Witching Hour by Spellbound Weaving www.peafritters.com


Witching Hour by Spellbound Weaving www.peafritters.com

Hello! How are you?

I’m Ruth, a mother to two little kidlets who both have food allergies and intolerances and am married to a gorgeous man who also has allergies. We live in the stunning Blue Mountains and love being surrounded by such amazing natural beauty. I am a black thumb learning to be a green thumb, slowly learning from my mistakes and am in constant battle with the hoards of snails and slugs living in my garden. I love to write, crochet, cook and dance. Motherhood has held up a mirror to who I am as a person, which has been both so wonderful and so confronting. I am learning how strong I can be whilst also seeing where I need to be more patient, more giving. Having children with food allergies has added challenges to parenting I hadn’t fully considered.

My eldest was diagnosed with allergies to egg, seafood, sesame seeds, hazelnut and pecan at the age of 15 month. I went into a bit of cooking shock. I was so scared I would make my daughter sick by cooking the wrong thing, that we ate boring old meat and 3 veg for way too long. This, from a person who loves to cook and feels at home in the kitchen.

Get your mama mojo back! www.peafritters.com

Things needed to change and so I started to make my own recipes, trying out ways to replace eggs in baking, making new stir frys. And so Pea Fritters evolved from a blog about Baby Led Weaning into a blog about motherhood and allergy friendly food. I felt like my recipes and posts could help other families out there, struggling with the daily task of trying to safely feed their family allergy friendly food and the ongoing struggle of trying to be the loving parent we aspire to be.

I hope Pea Fritters opens up my kitchen to you, so you can enjoy some delicious allergy friendly food with your friends and family.

I am passionate about good food and loving my family. I will manage to steer nearly any conversation back to food or my kids! I day dream about meals cooked with butter and nuts! And often joke about the massive food binge I will go on once we have finished breastfeeding. I relax by cooking, reading cookbooks or writing about food. I show my love by sharing my food, my thoughts and my hugs.

After a couple of years of making food safe for my family, I have started to make allergy friendly food for our community! I have successfully cooked both allergy friendly food and vegan food for a number of local events, including my own fundraising High Tea. I am hoping to host more allergy friendly food events in the future, if this is something you’re interested in, please email me at peafritters@gmail.com.

I hope my recipes fill your bellies with warmth and love.



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I would love to hear more about you! Drop me a line, comment on the posts or you can find me over on Instagram and my Facebook Page.

It’s been lovely to meet you. xxx

Little me hard at work!

Little me hard at work!


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  1. Olwen Hoadley

    February 14, 2014 at 8:50 am

    As someone who has never mastered the art of meal planning I look forward to some advice. 🙂

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